Our system can easily connect up to your AV setup or be used as a stand alone solution and can be operated by just one technician.


We take the feed from the projector (programme feed) and audio from the sound desk and using full HD PTZ cameras, the technician can control, pan, tilt and zoom each camera achieving close ups of the presenter at the lectern and panel discussion etc mix, resize, format everything live, no need for post event editing. With correct positioning of the cameras you can also capture the audience questions too.

A common misconception is that footage broadcasted during an event stops being useful as soon as the event ends. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Not only is a webcast a fantastic way to engage people who couldn’t make it to your event, but it’s also a marketing treasure trove. The footage from your conference should be recorded so you can reuse and re-purpose it throughout the year.


There are a lot of ways to get mileage out your event stream after-the-fact, including:

  • Archive the entire event on your website

  • Upload to YouTube to help increase exposure of your event

  • Share short clips on social media throughout the year

  • Use clips in your marketing for next year’s event

  • Use clips to help convince potential advertisers to sponsor next year’s event


Use the footage as a reference when writing content (like blog posts) about topics discussed during the event

We can record each channel as a separate file, meaning that at the end of the day you can take away separate footage from camera 1 + audio, camera 2 + audio, PPT + audio etc if you do have a requirement for post event editing the raw footage is there.

Capture conference
Video mixer
Memory stick containing your footage
Memory stick containg your footage