Streaming your meetings and events has never been easier.


Using state of the art encoding equipment and a hardwired internet connection we can capture and stream every aspect of your event. Stream to a to a CDN (content delivery network),       Facebook Live or            Youtube. Which ever platform you choose to stream to, the content is available for everyone to watch wherever they are.

Live streaming events

Included in the streaming package is a branded page with company/sponsor logo's and the stream player. If your event is of a secure nature, we can make you a secure     password protected landing page, giving access to only those with permission to view.

Benefits of streaming your event live:

  • Ensuring all stake holders have access to the message/information if they can't make the day

  • Engage a larger audience without incurring large logistical costs, flights, hotel rooms etc.

  • Hold a multi site conference by broadcasting to sites around the world.

  • Sponsorship opportunities.


Rather than endure the cost implications of organising hotels for your attendees and organising flights etc you could live stream to an office(s) for colleagues from around the globe to view, creating a multi site conference.

Live Streaming

No internet available at the venue? No problem, we can always use a 4G mobile network to stream your show.

Example of a conference capture