Live Streaming - Branding & Images

We need the following creative assets in order to make your live stream event a success. There is always a consistent requirement for a holding image and a closing image.


The variables will depend upon the running order of the session (e.g. single speaker with Powerpoint, two person interview, no Powerpont, panel discussion, etc). Within the Photoshop template you will find the best practice positions for each input (e.g. speaker, video, Powerpoint)

All images must be 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9 landscape).

Opening graphic. The opening graphic should contain the session title along with the name and job title of the speaker(s). We will need one image for each session.

Full screen PowerPoint if the emphisis is on the content or if you want to show a video

Presenter and PowerPoint view. Depending on how complex your slides are it maybe appropriate to have the slides larger than the presenter

Full screen presenter: No slides just the presenter in full screen.

Panel discussion and interview views. Zoom can support up to 49 presenters in gallery view

Thanking the audience with a closing graphic or instructions for how to move to the next session

See some layout examples from our previous live sessions:

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