Planning Your Virtual Agenda

Streamed sessions are very different to live sessions. For one, your audience can leave the room and you will never know. So these best practice tips will help ensure that your audience stay engaged and your virtual event is a huge success.


  • Sessions should not last more than 30 minutes: More than 30 minutes and your audience will start to get distracted

  • No more than 6 live streamed sessions: Keep your audience engaged, don't try and pack too much into one day

  • Have a minimum 10 minute gap between sessions: As at a live event, your audience will need stretch and refresh. You will also need those 10 minutes to get your speakers to leave the virtual studio and bring the new speakers in, conducting a video/webcam and microphone check as well as confirm who has powerpoint, etc.

  • Add audience engagement to the session: Keep your audience engaged, consider using interactive tools such as live polling and Q&A.