Speaker Technical Rehearsal Check List

Whether you are using Zoom, Skype or MS Teams as your virtual studio, you need to make sure your speakers are able to access (they may have company restrictions) and that they are comfortable with what they have to do. The crucial point is that it has to be really easy for your speakers so they just concentrate on what they do best, speaking.

When you are conducting your rehearsal, have your running order spreadsheet open and update accordingly.

  • Video check
    - Check that the speaker has an good enough connection. If you see pixelation and a lag between audio and video (lip sync            issues) then they do not have a strong enough internet connection. 

    - Make sure that they have the camera as near as they can to eye level.

    - Make sure that they are centred in the shot.

    - The best lighting is if the have a light source in front of them or they are facing a window. Having a light source behind them      with effectively put their face into shadow.

    IMPORTANT: the speaker(s)/panel must keep their video on for the duration of the session


  • Audio Check
    - Get the speaker to speak and check that there is an appropriate volume.

    - If the audio feed is broken or garbled then there is probably an issue with the speakers  internet.


  • Powerpoint/Screenshare
    Prior to the technical rehearsal you should have an updated running order where it will state if the speaker is intending to share content. Ask the speaker to screenshare and test that you can see the output. It is always best to share just the application (e.g. Powerpoint) rather than the entire desktop.

    IMPORTANT: If there is screenshare of PowerPoint in the session, the screen must be shared for the duration of the session otherwise it knocks out the speaker/panel view


  • Contingency
    - If the speaker has a suspect internet connection then ensure they have the dial in details and have to hand their photo. If their internet drops then they can dial in on their phone and we can replace their video with their photo